I would be interested in an Apple watch IF—that's a big IF—it were rugged enough for me to wear while working around the house, living on the boat, working out, etc.

I appreciate the many functions Apple watches offer, but their delicate nature has made me completely uninterested ever since they were first introduced to the market.

When you mentioned a partnership with Casio I get very excited because I'm a huge fan of the very rugged G-Shock line. I currently own three G-Shock watches, which I've been unable to destroy even after a couple decades of nearly daily beatings. I would be all over an Apple watch made demolition-proof by Casio.



This is hilarious! Or maybe troubling.

I was confused as I read this article because I couldn't see clearly where you discussed three things from every Apple device you own.

My fault. I read "Why I Uninstalled Things 3 From Every Apple Device I Own" as "Why I Uninstalled 3 Things From Every Apple Device I Own."

Is it possible to develop dyslexia in your sixties? ;-)

Nevertheless, thank you for another very helpful article (once I figured out my mistake)!



Not a ding or scratch story, but rather one involving direct sunlight and the resulting high temperature.

I used my iPad to run a navigation app while cruising in our trawler.

Bummer of bummers, about four years ago I left the iPad exposed to direct Florida sunlight through the glass of our pilothouse and the iPad shut itself down. I presume there's a self-preservation mechanism that triggers once the device hits a certain critical temperature.

Fortunately, being the tough beast that Apple seems to create, I was able to turn the iPad back on after about 30 minutes of cooling in the shade and it has worked ever since, albeit with a battery endurance of only an hour or two.

A friend recommended that I replace the battery but my nervousness about doing that outweighs my desire or need to run the thing unplugged.

Lesson learned...and never repeated.



Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tamara.

You're right that history has been marked by many abuses carried out in the name of religion, but true followers of Jesus Christ can neither condone nor participate in such atrocities, just as they cannot condone or participate in the torture and killing of innocent human babies or the abandonment of God's design for the family and human sexuality.

Sadly, there are those who pretend to embrace the name of Christ while simultaneously abandoning the principles that Jesus taught and the command to love God and love their neighbors.






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