For the Contenders — 25 January 2019

1. Thunderous Applause: We Can Kill Our Children at Nine Months

I could not believe what I was reading: People actually applauded the slaughtering of children. Was I having a dream . . . a nightmare? Was this real?

“Why didn’t someone do something?” Those five words still haunt my thoughts today.

MY TAKE: The author makes a reasonable connection here between the mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust of World War II and today’s widely accepted murder of human babies, while reflecting on a young daughter’s haunting question to her father: “Why didn’t someone do something?”

We are engaged in a spiritual war with the darkest forces at Satan’s disposal and the appalling mass murder of human babies represents the devil’s primary focal point.

Christians must “take up the full armor of God” (Ephesians 6:10–18) and join the fight for the lives of the unborn as well as those who are falling prey to the lies about abortion being an acceptable practice.

And we must be ready to reach out with the Good News and bring those who have participated in this horrifying sin to repentance.

2. Conservatives Protest NY Law Allowing Abortion Up to Birth for Any Reason

“Convicted criminals aren’t subjected to the death penalty in New York state, but now children up until the ninth month of pregnancy can be given lethal injections and poisoned to death. This is no different than infanticide,” she added.

MY TAKE: I appreciate the stance that Ms. Rose, who serves as president and founder of the national pro-life organization Live Action, takes in defense of babies. However, while she asserts that “this is no different than infanticide,” I disagree. This isn’t just like infanticide, it is infanticide.

3. New York Reveals Its Blood Lust for Baby Killing

Secular media outlets are reporting that New York just updated its “archaic” abortion law.

Yet somehow, even with that “archaic” law, New York was already the abortion capital of America, aborting babies at twice the national average.

MY TAKE: Anything I add to this excellent op-ed piece would be superfluous as Michael Brown hit every point that needed to be made and he brought it all home with his excellent punchline concerning the sickening way in which New York celebrated its bloody accomplishment by lighting up One World Trade Center in pink: “It should have been lit up blood red.”

4. Judge Forces Little Sisters of the Poor and Christian Groups to Fund Abortions

The ruling by Judge Haywood Gilliam, a nominee of pro-abortion President Barack Obama, blocks the Trump administration from enforcing rules that provide wider religious exemptions to groups like Little Sisters of the Poor…

MY TAKE: Evil forces are arrayed against us and nowhere are those forces more evident than in the ways in which human life is being devalued around the world.

It’s worth remembering that man was created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26–27) and God prescribed severe penalties against those who would commit murder (Genesis 9:6; Exodus 20:13).

God cares deeply about the glory of the pinnacle of his creation.

It’s as though this pro-abortion judge, Haywood Gilliam, is obstinately shaking his fist at God by ruling that he (the judge) has the power to force even those who would obey God to violate not just their own consciences, but also the Creator’s own law.

5. Eugenics is Back

[I]n the early 20th century, eugenics flourished in the UK, in most European countries, and also in the USA, where over 60,000 citizens were forcibly sterilized.3 That is, until after WW2, when it was established how Hitler’s master race ideology had used the idea. The Nazis forcibly sterilized some 400,000 mentally and physically handicapped persons, then progressed to the ‘mercy killing’ of almost another 300,000 citizens, and finally proceeded to the genocide of millions of Jews and other non-Aryan ‘unsuitables.’

Consequently, after WW2, the term ‘eugenics’ was avoided; however, the concept is still alive and well.

MY TAKE: The term, eugenics, has fallen into disrepute, but the overall goals remain the same — to eliminate “imperfect” human beings and build a master race.

This is pure evil, because for one thing, the processes necessary to develop this pool of “perfect” humans require that those who are undesirable be put to death either in utero or at some other time that is convenient for the decision makers.

The killing of babies before birth — which, as we saw in New York this week, is becoming not only more protected under the law, but also more accepted by the masses every day — is paving the way toward the killing of undesirables outside the womb.

Once the principle that men and women are created in God’s own image and that human life has intrinsic value is abandoned, then there is no longer any boundary to prevent the murder of less-than-perfect people at any age or for any reason.

And that, my friend, is why the concept of eugenics is still a serious threat, especially to those who are deemed by the masses to be unworthy of life.

6. The Rise of Satanism in America: How Members of The Satanic Temple Focus on Activism, Religious Pluralism and Social Diversity but Surprisingly NOT Devil Worship — as Leaders are Plagued by Death Threats and Infighting

The Temple, which runs a property open to the public in Salem, Massachusetts, sets out seven tenets focusing on activism, diversity and the body’s inviolability.

They first cropped up seemingly out of nowhere about six years ago, adorned in black capes with curved devil horns affixed to their heads, holding posters and black American flags as they shouted ‘Hail, Satan’ on the steps of government institutions from Arkansas and Florida to Oklahoma and Detroit. The antics and declarations seemed like a hoax to many — onlookers and journalists and politicians alike — until it became apparent that members of newly-formed The Satanic Temple were here to stay.

And they were growing, exponentially. Since TST’s founding in 2012, the organization has increased from a handful of members to tens of thousands, with chapters all over the US and the globe…

MY TAKE: I must admit that I struggled over whether I should or should not share this story. However, I’ve read an increasing number of stories that indicate that this is a rapidly growing movement that Christians need to recognize as an active and destructive demonic force.

I recommend that you read this as a kind of primer and then be alert for other stories related to The Satanic Temple and other satanic organizations.

Be prepared to refute the organization’s public persona and especially the Seven Tenets of The Satanic Temple, as shown in the article’s sidebar. You’ll notice that the tenets sound pretty innocuous on the surface, but when you dig deeper you will see that several of those tenets fly in the face of God’s holy scriptures. The risk is that immature people (i.e., young or less-than-bright) and Christians who are not well grounded in the truth will fall for the sweet smelling tenets and be drawn into these devilish movements.

7. ‘MAGA’ Teen’s Family Hires High-Profile Libel Attorney

L. Lin Wood, who is known for aggressively pursuing libel and slander lawsuits against media outlets, “is committed to bringing justice to 16-year-old Nick Sandmann and his family,” the family’s other lawyer, Todd McMurtry, said in a statement…

MY TAKE: What a mess! This is one of far too many stories that prompt immediate hostility by one side or the other, or both, before anybody other than the immediate participants knows anything about the supposed incident.

As we’ve seen in newer and more complete and (i.e., versions that were not edited to further a particular narrative) and in the results of deeper investigations into the players in this story, this was basically a non-story until somebody noticed that some of the boys from Covington Catholic High School were wearing red MAGA hats and decided to turn it into a condemnation aimed more at President Trump than at the smiling boys.

Here’s the thing: This is an important story for all who profess Jesus Christ because one of the biggest issues that the legacy media sources had with the boys is that they were students at a Catholic school.

Sure, the media were triggered by the red hats and by the fact that those boys were there to support the pro-life movement, but the media turned the even into an opportunity to slander the name of Jesus.

They were mostly subtle enough to avoid direct expressions of their hatred for Christians, but that has been an underlying current that has kept this story moving for as long as it has.

You may have noticed a gentle waning of interest in the story, especially since many who originally condemned the students have since apologized and we’re learning more about the instigators — the Black Hebrew Israelites and Nathan Phillips — but it’s still there and you can be certain that the media will ride this horse until it’s good and dead.

8. Coming to Jesus, Armed: Virginia Senate OKs Guns in Churches

The bill repeals a law thought to date to Colonial times which makes it a misdemeanor to “carry any gun, pistol, bowie knife, dagger or other dangerous weapon without good and sufficient reason, to a place of worship” during religious services.

MY TAKE: This is kind of a fun story that has significance these days because many churches are rethinking their strategies for dealing with the possibility of armed intruders.

As a guy who takes seriously the Constitutional right of the People to keep and bear arms, this seems like a no-brainer decision for the Virginia legislators and I’m surprised that this law was actually still on the books.

So you know, the vast majority of states allow firearms in churches for those who are otherwise allowed to carry guns so the decision to carry or not to carry rests, as it should, on the leaders and members of each congregation.

As a surprising sidenote, Virginia used to have a law that required “all men that are fitting to bear arms, shall bring their pieces to the church.”

9. Pakistan’s Top Court to Decide Asia Bibi’s Fate as Muslim Extremists Demand Her Death

The 47-year-old mother-of-five, who was on death row for eight years, was accused by Muslim farm laborers of having insulted the Islamic prophet Muhammad, which is an offense punishable by death in Pakistan.

She was convicted despite denying the charges, and in October the Supreme Court overturned the guilty verdict. The decision sparked nationwide protests by Muslim hardliners, prompting authorities to take Bibi into hiding. Since her acquittal, she has since been living at a secret location, under guard.

Muslim extremists have threatened to kill anyone who supports Bibi, and in efforts to end the violence, authorities struck a deal with protesters. As part of the agreement, the Pakistani government pledged she would remain in the country until the Supreme Court reviews the petition against her acquittal.

MY TAKE: Please pray for Asia Bibi, her family, and all who are close to her in the Lord Jesus Christ. She’s not alone as she suffers for the name of Jesus, as there are thousands more (see the next story below) around the world who are being persecuted in terrible ways because of their faith.

10. Chinese Christian Details Indoctrination Camps, Being Forced to Blaspheme Christ

Jian Yongjiu, a member of The Church of Almighty God, told Bitter Winter magazine that after she was arrested for “organizing and using an organization to undermine state law enforcement,” she was sent to a “legal education center” in Hangzhou city, in China’s eastern coastal province of Zhejiang.

She told the outlet that while she was not physically harmed, she endured “mental torture” that sought to destroy her mind and spirit.

“For a person of faith, being subjected to mandatory indoctrination not only causes mental anguish but more so, the soul is subjected to unbearable repression and agony,” she said.

Jian described prison-like conditions, complete with 24/7 surveillance and small, padlocked rooms with little more than a skylight. Guards escorted her everywhere she went, and two “tutors,” specially trained to help detainees undergo “ideological transformation,” slept beside her every night. A surveillance camera was aimed directly at Jian’s bed to watch for any attempts to pray secretly.

MY TAKE: China has a dark history of overt persecution of Christians and although the country occasionally allows Christians to gather and worship, the government always dictates the terms of such meetings and slides back into direct oppression every few decades.

This is one such time of oppression as the country has decided to demolish church properties, ban meetings, and as this story shows, gone to great lengths to try to eject the name of Jesus even from the hearts and minds of his followers.

The good news is that despite periodic crackdowns against Christians in China over the past 200 years, the church has flourished and continued to grow, much to the consternation of those who think they’re in charge. Estimates are, of course, very difficult in countries where persecution is rampant, experts believe there are more than 97 million Christians in China.

Of course, that leaves over 1.3 billion — with a “b” — people who presumably don’t know Jesus, so we need to pray for them too, as well as Jian Yongjiu and the others who are being tortured and impoverished for their faith.

And finally…

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Romans 15:13

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